—The Theatre Works of Mechanical Reproduction— PASSAGE
Playwright ,Director and Performer
Venue :Cafe Montage [Kyoto,Japan]
organized by:Satoshi Ago

This work begs the question whether an actor’s aura could be reproduced. Life-sized image of Benjamin acts as a main character. Performance by real actor could be seen only for 5 minutes out of 40 minutes’ duration. It reverses the normal role of screen image and a real actor.

Movie_Youtube :—The Theatre Works of Mechanical Reproduction— PASSAGE / Satoshi Ago

passage2_12about ─The Theatre Works of Mechanical Reproduction─ PASSAGE (2012)
アゴラ劇場にてabout—The Theatre Works of Mechanical Reproduction—PASSAGE (2013)
About Series “Passage”
The series are predicated on the theories of Walter Benjamin, who was a German literary critic and philosopher. He wrote “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” in 1935. The “Passage” series intend to study the possibility of mechanical reproduction drama.